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    * Backus System for VPS

    Dose any one know of a good backup system for me to use to sell to my customers. I want to offer backup on vps to business owners who need to back up they complete office data

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    What about RSync, can it be used to suit your needs and requirements ?
    Just curious, what O/S are you offering to your customers for those VPS (Linux or Windows), and what is that "complete office data" you're talking about? I thought you wanted to offer them a complete backup system for their websites/emails?
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    All data is stored on a RAID10 SAN, and if you have backups enabled for your system these will be stored away from the primary data store.
    Once backups are enabled on your system, it will automatically be backed up every day, and archived every week and every month, so you will always have the opportunity to roll back your VPS in case something goes wrong.

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    62 is offering 5GB free account and the offer seems to be interesting.

    having an off site backup solution is alway safer

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    What virtualisation platform are you using? e.g. Xen, Xensource, Virtuozzo etc.
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    Some vps panels have a built in backup system. I know that solusvm has one. Rsync or R1Soft would work.

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    I recently tested R1soft doing a disaster recovery from scratch and it works really nice.
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    I was also using R1soft for my customers, no problem for 10 month cooperation. Now I`m using own backup servers + RAID10 via rsync - simple, good and fast. I have own script, PM me if you need it.

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