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    Are posts removed in offer forums regarding a customer problem?


    I made a post in the offer forum as a reply regarding not recieving a reply to a support ticket from a company posting on WHT in the offer forum - Just giving my ticket ID on something very important for my site that hasn't been replied to.

    I apologised for posting a reply to their ad for their services, but I wasn't getting any help at all through their support tickets for something important.

    I asked if the company owner could check a ticket that I have, that at first got closed with no reply, then havent got a response to another ticket I opened after the closed ticket.

    My post was along the lines of I'm sorry for posting here but I haven't got a reply to my ticket, can you check ticket ID #

    My post has been removed and I don't know why?
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    I can only speculate, but I always assumed that such posts (posted onto others' Offers threads) would be removed. *shrug*

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    As for the removal of the post in their offers thread I wont speculate on that but if a company closes your support ticket and does not either A) Resolve the issue or B) tell you why they cannot resolve the issue then they probably do not deserve your business.
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    Quote Originally Posted by John D View Post
    My post has been removed and I don't know why?
    You can ask those that removed it, at our helpdesk.
    Having problems, or maybe questions about WHT? Head over to the help desk!
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