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    Hosting Wordpress On Windows 2008 Enterprise

    I currently run multiple Wordpress and vBulletin sites using Centos. I would like to try something new on a few of my smaller websites. What are the additional cost to have IIS7, microsoft URL Rewrite Module & whatever else is needed to have clean URLs in vBulletin & Wordpress?


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    You'd probably have better luck asking your question here.

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    Since all your websites are php/mysql based, why switch to windows? Linux would be more easy to manage and less expensive.

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    There are many good hosts offering Windows and all your requirements are reasonable with most hosts. - Linux|Windows
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    Visit an offer section and you will find the right host for your needs.

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    maybe winhost would be your right choice if you prefer to windows. they offer latest tech support for windows hosting.

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    Since you asked specifically for costs and you mentioned it was for smaller websites, you can find IIS7 hosting for as low as $5 per month with free SQL/MySQL. This is pretty typical of for hosting companies. You may even find the first few months free. Things like Pretty Permalink for Wordpress shouldn't cost any extra. The more expansive your needs are the higher your monthly rate will be

    Do some searching in the offers sections like armennemwio suggested or google it. There's no need to be too picky; this is a pretty standard request and service.

    Good luck!
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    You'll want to make sure you have FastCGI, WinCache and IIS7 on that box. You'll want to ask the host if they are using non thread safe DLL's as well. As long as you have all that, it'll run lightning fast.
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    Its properly not idea but if you run "xampp" it would automatically install PHP & SQL for you. Then you just use it it linux.

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    Normally IIS7 and URL Rewrite Module is supported on all Windows 2008 servers.

    As Wordpress is freely available to download (but you may need to purchase vBulletin license) so you have to just pay the cost of your hosting account.

    For vBulletine you need at least : PHP 5.2.0 and MySQL 4.1.0

    For wordPress you need at least : PHP 4.3 and MySQL 4.1.2

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    If you are going to use PHP and MySQL (for WordPress), then you should try a WAMP (Window/Apache/MySQL/PHP) package...

    There are free ones such as xampp, wampserver.

    There is also WampDeveloper Pro, which is commercial and ready for production deployment.

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    Linux is the best hosting platform for Wordpress. Admin tasks will be very less comparing to the Windows platform. I'm not fully aware of the rewrite modules in Windows 2008 R2, still i will say rewrite modules in Linux distro are best suited for Wordpress. And Linux itself cost you very less only right ?

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    if you decided to go for windows with wordpress the easy and best url rewrite plugin available with the name of ISAPI rewriter you can download this plugin and you are done

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