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    APF or CSF for cloud.

    Which one is most effective on a cloud and has least impact on performance. Also does anyone have detailed instructions for installation on Centos via ssh.

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    I prefer CSF over APF, and it all depends on how you set it up imho. Just don't use CC based blocking if you want a low impact. CentOS is pretty straight forward for both, afair they both have a install script, but I haven't used APF in quite a while. Switched to CSF and haven't looked back. If you google for installation tutorials, I am sure you will find quite a few. In closing though, I find CSF has more "features/options", and a bit better control, but its all about personal preference.
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    I prefer APF, I find that LFD causes more problems than good with run away scripts.

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    CSF are good for clustering, if you block IP in one node can be also blocked easy to another node.

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    In my experience, APF has had odd issues after running for a prolonged period of time and begins to block legitimate requests until it is restarted. Give CSF a shot, I'm sure you'll be happy with it. If you are using CPanel on a cloud server, there is a gui for configuring CSF that APF lacks.

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    Tested both and we took CSF at the end, it is commonly installed in our centos servers with cpanel.
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    build a firewall in the cloud! I like apf been using it for ages no idea if its been updated tho. pfSense user here.
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    Thanks guys, went with CSF, came with an easy virtualmin module

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