VPS.NET is one of the largest, and most well established cloud hosting companies available, with nearly 2 years experience, and the backing of the UK2Group. VPS.NET has launched over 30,000 servers, and anticipates hitting 50,000 by the year end. You too can have a piece of the profits available in the new hit market, cloud hosting.

How does the program work?
One of the primary advantages to reselling VPS.NET is there are absolutely no up front costs; no hidden costs, no setup fees, no bulk purchase requirements - nothing like that at all. We're not in the business of being deceptive. Instead, like most dedicated server reselling programs, you only pay for each "node" you sell. The first node you sell is $20, then the price drops with each additional node sold. After the 15th node, the cost drops to $13, so as you grow your margins increase dramatically.

What is a node?
Since our setup is a little bit different from most providers, I'll explain that a little bit as well. Each node counts for 600 MHZ of CPU, 376 MB of RAM, 10 GB of Storage and 250 GB of Bandwidth. You can then take these nodes and create a VPS out of them. You can either combine nodes to create a large VPS, or you can create a VPS out of a single node. For example, if you purchase 5 nodes, you could combine all 5 nodes to create a VPS with 3 GHZ CPU, 1880 MB of RAM, 50GB of Storage and 1 TB of Bandwidth, or you could create 5 VPS'. It's a pretty flexible system that allows for a ridiculous level of scaling.

What are the advantages of reselling VPS.NET?
  1. Absolutely no up front cost!
  2. 5 locations to currently sell - 2 additional locations are expected to be launched by the end of the year.
  3. Fusion IO nodes available - extremely fast SSD hard drives, which allow you to market to database driven sites.
  4. Free HostBill - market to new hosts, or use it yourself!
  5. Powerful API w/ built out modules - we have modules built out for Blesta, CannyBill, HostBill & WHMCS already built out.
  6. Totally white label - your customers will never know your using the VPS.NET infrastructure for your cloud hosting.
  7. Multiple OS's Available - We have nearly everyone's favorite flavor of Linux available, and now we have Windows too!
  8. Free SSL Certificates - Always a great advantage to the small host; use it yourself or for your customers!
  9. On the fly scaling - Using ServerDensity, you can setup your VPS to grow as needed whenever it detects abnormal loads on the server! Tell Digg, SlashDot & Buzz to bring it!
  10. Level 3 & Highwinds content distribution networks available for resellers as well!

How do I get started?
It's very easy - we don't have an automated system in place to setup resellers, as we like to work very closely with our resellers to help be successful in their business. To get started, the easiest way is to email me at [email protected]!