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    Liquidating some of my domains

    I have a few domains for sale. Payment via PayPal. Free push for all domains. Dates listed are the expiration dates for each domain. expires 03-jul-2012 $100 expires 23-aug-2011 $25 expires 07-aug-2011 $100 expires 09-dec-2011 $25

    All three ShieldsRentals domains $30 expires 23-jun-2011 expires 22-jun-2011 expires 23-jun-2011

    All three Kramer5150 domains $30 (famous guitar made for Eddie Van Halen) expires 6-mar-2012 expires 6-mar-2012 expires 6-mar-2012

    All three NOC Feed domains $500 expires 16-dec-2011 expires 16-dec-2011 expires 16-dec-2011

    All three NOC Fire domains $500 expires 19-dec-2011 expires 19-dec-2011 expires 19-dec-2011

    Both NOC Status domains $200 expires 19-dec-2011 expires 19-dec-2011

    All three OakZip domains $500 expires 11-mar-2012 expires 11-mar-2012 expires 11-mar-2012

    All three SuperHostGuide domains $30 expires 11-may-2012 expires 11-may-2012 expires 11-may-2012

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    Willing to consider offer. Please PM me directly is there is a domain or domains you are interested in

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