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    Thumbs up One Month review with zenex5ive OH server


    It's good to say that i am very happy with zenex5ive. I have ordered their OH server one month ago and it was ready to go on same day. Till then i have no problem with them. In the middle of the month i have requested to setup the rDNS for my server and their response was very quick and the job is done very quickly too. I really appreciate there customer support. Hope i can stay with them as long as possible.


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    I am glad you are happy with our service.
    Zenex 5ive - Flexible High Bandwidth Hosting Solutions
    We can deploy high bandwidth servers in 20+ locations around the world
    10TB, 30TB, 100TB, 1PB, 1Gbps/10Gbps Unmetered Bandwidth
    Skype - zenex5ive

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