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Thread: which is best?

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    which is best?

    hy i am starting new web hosting company i would like to know which one is the best and cheap out of two fantastico or softeculas?
    thanks and advanced.

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    We use fantastico becuase that's what we started out with...but softaculas is looking really great because they are cheaper and I think they provide more scripts. But I don't know if their service quality and their whm software is better or not.

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    Softaculous without a doubt....Fantastico is like a throwback to ten years ago.

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    Softaculous is the best Auto Script Installer, IMO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by billy07 View Post
    hy i am starting new web hosting company i would like to know which one is the best and cheap out of two fantastico or softeculas?
    thanks and advanced.
    I dont know but personally i like softeculas. its very easy to use.

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    I like Softaculous; they have a large number of scripts and they update them frequently (it seems to be more frequently than Fantastico, but I'm not absolutely certain of that).

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    Never tried Softaculous before, the responses so far indicates it is great script to give a trial, BUT still comfortable with Fantastico for the time being.
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    If you are just starting out you want to make sure you have everything laid out before you begin as a few aspects might cost some money or require you to sideline capital.

    First your server and control panel
    Second your Billing / automation software
    Third Independent monitoring station(s)
    Forth Credit card processors (some require you to put 500 dollars or more into your account, or have a limit on what your checking account can go below).

    If you spend some time around the forum read and doing a lot of it you've be able to put a business plan together.

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    Fantastico remains the preffered choice but softaculous is beginning to gain grounds.

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    You can start with softaculous since it's good and less expensive than fantastico, but you can also consider simplescripts because it's free.

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    Softaculous is the very good and widely used - Linux|Windows
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    I think softaculous is better than fantastico,softeculas more easier than the other one and better installer than fantastico
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    Between these two, I would certainly look at Softaculous.

    I've used Fantastico in the past and found it to be quite bloated - I am not sure how much of that has changed over the years, but looking at it again briefly it still seems sub-par compared to others.

    An alternative to Softaculous is Installatron, which I'd also rank above Fantastico.
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    Fantastico used to be the defacto standard.

    Softaculous knew they would have to make a bigger and better Fantastico and they did.

    We're stuck with Fantastico on our old servers but all our new ones are deploying with Softaculous.
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    See some useful threads related to your query. Hope those might help you to some extend to make a choice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by XTremo View Post
    Softaculous without a doubt....Fantastico is like a throwback to ten years ago.
    One thing everyone including the OP might want to consider is if you every transfer to a different server in the future or transfer a new client to your server and they are used to using fantastico, it's best to stick to the same one they have had in the past. That's why we still use fantastico because we know it will work 100% and it will be familiar to new and old clients regardless. I'd like to someday have both fantastico and softaculous, but it's not necessary now.

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    Softaculous is best and I think that is believed to be best for your potential end users. So in this what you need to remember about and consider.
    You are working for end users so think about them
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    fantastico or softaculous
    I would tell you that ofcourse is softaculous. Why?
    because fantastico only provide 50 something of CMS but softeculous provide you more than 100 kinds of CMS. Beside that softaculous CMS are more update compare to fantastico. Lot of software in Fantastico are not update.
    So please go with softaculous, you paid for it so why not use the latest one unless you feel fantastico is more friendly and you use to it.

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    I am agree with other members and think you should use softeculas. It is best, cheap and easy to manage than fantastico.

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