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    forget 100 Tbps, how about 26 Tbps using one line?

    A few months back the record became 100+ Tbps transfer rates..using multiple light sources/lines

    well, today's news shows 26 Tbps with just one light source, on line..

    "Encoding 26 terabits of information per second on a single laser would until recently not only have been considered impossible, but unnecessary," said study co-author, Dr Juerg Leuthold from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

    "The real breakthrough here isn't just the capacity, because groups earlier this year have reported beyond this, it's the fact that it's one laser," he said.

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    j/k, nice one :p

    Wont get into production for another 10 years though.

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    That's pretty incredible.
    I guess 100mbit/sec lines will be like dial up in 10 years or less - Specializing In Dedicated Servers and Financial Hosting
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    And you will see latest server with 10Gig unmetered port for $99.99


    Quote Originally Posted by DaringHost View Post
    That's pretty incredible.
    I guess 100mbit/sec lines will be like dial up in 10 years or less
    IPStrada When uptime counts.
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