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    Question "Avoid liquidweb" Thread Missing

    Hello guys,

    I know I may get an infraction because of this post but I still have to post it.

    Previously there was a thread in the Dedicated Server forum with the title "Avoid liquidweb" and you can still see the Google cache here:-

    However, it seem like the thread went missing now.

    As far as I know WHT normally locked a thread but not delete anything.

    Is it due to this site being hosted by LiquidWeb which caused them to make a business decision by deleting that thread?

    What do you guys think?
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    As far as I know, if it was in a violation then sure Webhostingtalk would remove it, but I am always told that they do not delete threads unless it was misleading or false or was simple SPAM. Otherwise, not sure why it was deleted?

    From what I can see, no moderator replied to the thread, but then I cannot see page 2.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JLHC View Post

    Is it due to this site being hosted by LiquidWeb which caused them to make a business decision by deleting that thread?
    It most certainly was not removed for that reason.
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