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    VPS review: OmegaBox

    So I've noticed quite a few guys doing reviews of VPS providers. This was one I stumbled upon by asking a provider if they split their already stellar dedicated servers into VPS.

    They referred me to OmegaBox. I had never heard of the company, as any web developer I was weary of that fact alone. It seems like any 12 year old is running a server reselling business from mom's basement these days.

    Well, I had a client that needed a server that was a little more hearty then your typical VPS, and wanted the comfort of a 1GBps connection. He also wished to have the hosting on the evoswitch network so I dug into resellers.

    I was first worried that I was getting myself into an over-ridden bittorrent network, so I contacted the owner directly. He assured me that he cannot account for each and every server sold, but they do monitor the bandwidth being consumed and adjust accordingly.

    The prices are very reasonable so I figured we would give it a try. I chose the 1gbps 250GB VPS, and submitted my order. It took 6 minutes for the order to arrive in my email.

    I immediately logged in, and ran some speed tests. It was pretty stellar.. speeds were over 100MB/s and consistent at that. The hard drives didn't appear to be overwhelmed and beat on by some teenagers downloading there favorite pirated movie.

    So far, I have purchased 3 VPS from OmegaBox. They pride themselves in performance and price, and they should. In fact im surprised more people don't use their services as a seedbox.

    Take care dudes.

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    glad to hear good review.
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    Thank you for your review.

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    You guys are welcome.

    I briefly chatted with the owner last night. I mentioned his lack of SEO, he stated that the business has been a side project, and aside from the servers the site is lacking in that area. So, hopefully i'll have some business coming my way

    Word of mouth is powerful in this business, but SEO is underlooked. I also didnt include the link. I'm not sure if i'm able to do this... I looked for the rules but couldn't find anything for this section.

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    they do charge a great price though, but nice review!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 96mb View Post
    they do charge a great price though, but nice review!
    This just has to do with the users per server. Most Rapidspeeds resellers for with 10-15 users per server. I need to pay a little more to get the speed my clients needed. All depends what type of person you are, I am the type that will pay a little more for some performance.

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    Anyone know any other Evoswitch based company resellers? doesn't seem to be getting serious about selling servers.... :/

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    A nice review. Hope that they will continue to provide you best services.
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    Quote Originally Posted by theSEOmaniac View Post

    So far, I have purchased 3 VPS from OmegaBox.
    Please contact through with a domain hosted there.

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    Kind of funny how the website has Google advertising on it and it shows their competitors lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by anon-e-mouse View Post
    Please contact through with a domain hosted there.
    Sure, I assume this is a preventative measure to keep others from advertising on your site.

    These VPS have been turned over to customers. One is being used to host a minecraft server he advertises publicly, so I dont think he will have an issue.

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    Thanks for sharing your review. Glad to see that they have been impressive with their service. Waiting to see more updates regarding them in future.

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    Yeah ill have to post up some of the vnstat screenshots from the webui on the backup box.

    So far, service has still been excellent, the site had some downtime but it was planned, and I was informed their site would be down. Servers haven't gone down yet (its been about 9 months on my oldest VPS), so no complaints from me at this point.

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