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    Raised Floors in a Datacenter

    I am building a small datacenter. We are looking at making raised floors with tiles on the top of it. We are looking to hold 2 racks at the most on this floor. What is needed to hold up the the tiles and weight of the racks? Where can i get these supplies? Is there any special tiles necessary?

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    I suggest you hire a civil engineer.
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    For only two cabinets why go with raised flooring? It would generally be used for HVAC reasons, etc. but with only two cabs that probably isn't a major concern.
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    I'm thinking cable trays for that situation, if you really want to keep them out of the way. Pretty cheap and easy to hang from either a plaster or drop ceiling.

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    We made a small datacenter with 10 racks (and room for 10 more) plus a machine room with only 4 racks. We put in 6" Raised floors only power and low voltage cabling. HVAC is configured as hot - cold isle in the ceiling.

    I would say it was worth every penny.

    Now for only two racks, I really dont see the point. I would just set some nice clean ladder racks over your equipment racks and run everything from above.


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    You can usually find local providers to get you all the materials you need to put in the raised floor. I don't see the point other than looks in that small of a space as others said.

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