Micohosting is reliable provider of web hosting solutions.
In 1 year in business Micohosting can be considered as the most rapidlly growing Web Hosting Company.
In Micohosting you will enjoy fast conectivity and reliability capable of please even the most demanding user.
Whatever you looking for Micohosting is here to provide it.

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Every Shared Hosting Plan comes up with those features:

»Unlimited Sub Domains
»Unlimited FTP Accounts
»CGI and Fast CGI
»Ruby on Rails
»PHP 5
»Image Magik
»Streaming Audio/Video
»GD 2
»Unlimited POP3 Accounts
»Web Mail

Shared Hosting Plans:

*Beginner* » $2/month
»Disk Space: 1GB
»Bandwidth: 5GB
»Domains: 1
»MySQL DataBases: 2
»Free domain: no

*Plus* » $4/month
»Disk Space: 2GB
»Bandwidth: 30GB
»Domains: Unlimited
»MySQL DataBases: Unlimited
»Free domain: FREE**

*Plus+* » $5/month
»Disk Space: 6GB
»Bandwidth: 60GB
»Domains: Unlimited
»MySQL DataBases: Unlimited
»Free domain: FREE**

*Enterprise* » $9/month
»Disk Space: 30GB
»Bandwidth: 200GB
»Domains: Unlimited
»MySQL DataBases: Unlimited
»Free domain: FREE

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