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    * Looking for Advanced System Admin - NFS, OpenVPN, Wine, TCP Optimization, Firewall ..

    I have looked thru the systems management job offers forum and I'm seeing very few ads for the kind of skills my servers require. I suspect my requirements are a little more advanced than people typically expect ... or perhaps they are so simple they are not even listed.

    Here are some of them:
    + Scripting (bash, python etc.) for automation
    + Install and configure NFS and Samba for sharing media files with computers and networked media players
    + Setting up layer 2 and layer 3 OpenVPN tunnels between Linux devices
    + Installing and optimizing Wine for running supported applications
    + Adjusting run time parameters for software using the Java VM
    + Optimizing hard drive access settings
    + Optimizing sysctl settings
    + Spam filtering (MailScanner, SA, SPF records etc.)
    + Intrusion monitoring (fail2ban and so on)
    + Firewall (not only filtering but also masquerading, nat, and redirects)
    + Basic Routing (source based routing on Linux, gateway monitoring and fail over)
    + Installing and configuring Cacti, Nagios and other monitoring software

    While finding somebody who is capable of handling all this would be great, 80% would be enough.

    We have a bunch of servers with only a couple of websites each so while I am willing to pay a premium for these advanced skills, it's not the sort of work that will require installing an Apache module, Wordpress and Joomla 3 times per week. You are probably looking at an intense period of a week (or maybe 4 hours, if you are really good) of initial setup followed by many months of keeping things safe and up to date.

    If you have something to offer, either on a monthly, hourly, or per ticket pricing, or have any questions, please PM me or post here. I have experience in all the areas I listed so do expect to be interviewed to verify your abilities.

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    On a Speck!!!!!

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    Sent you a PM,


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    I can help you. My skype is andrey_rogovsky.

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    Still need help?
    I <3 Linux Clusters

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    PM sent. Looking forward to your reply.
    Supportex.Net server management, full range of services. EU-based outsourced company. Since 1998.
    Outstanding quality for high performance projects; clustering and high-availability solutions, DDoS protection.
    Cisco/Juniper network management & deployment assistance. Network design and monitoring.

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    We can fulfill your requirements. Please visit or send in an email to support [at] servermascot [dot] com

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