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    Buying a digital camera....

    What are things that come in your mind before purchasing a digital camera.

    How much rating would you give to the above model.

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    Lens matters more than megapixels. You could have a 6 megapixel camera with a great big lens taking much better photographs than a 14 megapixel camera with a tiny lens.

    Then I look at brand. I want to know if I'm getting a quality product. I'm partial to Panasonic (Lumix). Amazing products.

    Then I look at the display size, controls, and other misc. features.

    Canons are pretty good. It's difficult to go wrong with them.
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    I've chosen Olympus Tough TG-310 because of it being Shockproof, Waterproof and Freezeproof. Its a great camera if you love outdoors. You never will have to worry if it starts raining or you drop it inside the pool.
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    Just try Samsung Digital Camera once time.I think this is best.

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    I just got a Cannon t3i this week I would recommend cannon's cameras any day!

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    I've always owned Sony's and most recently picked up a Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS7. It took me a good 3 months after searching and researching and spending much time playing with all the features at the stores with different camera's. I also bought the wife one of those Samsung's with the dual screens. I think the only time we've really used the front was while just playing around with it. After all my Sony's I would have to put my vote of a Panasonic now after owning one.

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    What are you planning on shooting?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mitchdchapman View Post
    I just got a Cannon t3i this week I would recommend cannon's cameras any day!
    SWEET camera.

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    I have recently bought Nikon camera

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    I am using sony cybershot camera its look perfect

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    I am using Sony Cybershot DSC-W580 16.1 MP camera and it works good for me.

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    it should be compact

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    I have a canon 550d and it is excellent. A DSLR only takes a few days to pick up with some online tutorials, and produces much better results than point and shoot and bridge cameras. If you are going to be taking a lot of dark, indoor shots, then I'd just get a simple to use point and shoot and never research ISO levels

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    I have recently bought canon camera and it works good for me.

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