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    DoS Question + New Host


    I'm having issues with DoS attacks, and was wondering what I should do. Currently the firewall in place is picking the IP up, and blocking it - but it's still not cutting it. I have had multiple attacks over the past few days with connections peaking over 800 from a single IP. Is there a host that can handle much more connections at a time then 800? Because they are flooding port 80, as all other ports work perfectly fine at the time of the attacks. It takes up to 30 minutes for the issue to go away, and the website to goes back to loading normally fine. I currently have a dedicated server with HostGator, but I can't take the down time any more.

    Here's my current setup:
    Intel Xeon 3450 (Quad Core)
    4 GB DDR3 Memory
    2 X 250 GB Hard Drive
    10 TB Bandwidth

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    If it's just a single IP attacking you, perhaps ask if HostGator could block this certain IP. Have you tried reporting the attacker to their ISP? This usually helps although takes a few days before the ISP decides to take any action.
    John Slane | Systems Administrator

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    Problem is, the attacks are coming from one IP, but it takes 5-15 minutes for the firewall to block it, and for the iptables to kick in and resolve the issue. The issue is the attacks are coming one at a time, and are coming from all over the globe, so I doubt it would matter if we contacted their ISPs. Plus we already have about 250-350 connections on our server from normal activities of users. I can't afford to have my site going down because someone decides to flood me with tcp requests.

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    Hi there Rasta,

    Being a victim of a ddos attack is never a good thing.

    What you can do to at least lighten the impact of a ddos attack is firstly remove any unnecessary content on your site so your site is not so resource intensive(Temporarily of course).

    Second - Check your logs to see what IPs are attacking you and where are they originating from. You can then temporarily block that IP range.

    Third - The attacker is most likely targeting a certain page so redirecting
    Redirecting traffic to another page (basic light page). With a message aimed at your real visitors.

    DDOS attacks are very serious and cause major interruption to service.
    I hope the above tips help and you get this attack isolated ASAP.

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    Have you taken a look at mod_evasive, assuming you're using Apache? It may be able to block the kind of attacks you're experiencing automatically.

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    Hmmm... wasn't there another thread about something like this which you started a few days ago or something like that? Why are you starting another thread again which is of almost the same nature?

    I don't really understand what you're trying to get at.
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    ddos is a headache for every service provider, I would suggest you contact hostgator for further solution. they would be happy to keep business with you and solve the problem.

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