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    What price you offer for .com registration?


    while revising the domain registration prices, i thought of asking this question with all members -

    What price you offer for .com/org/net registration?

    your replies will give all of us an idea to determine the best pricing practice.

    we are planning to offer .com for 425 INR or 9.5 USD

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    Let me try to give you an advice.

    Try not to define your offer by beeing the "cheapest". There will allways be competitors out there selling below your prices. Make sure your customers know the values you offer and emphasis on service.

    If you look at the registrar list, you'll notice that beeing successful is not only about prices. It's mostly strategic marketing.

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    9.5 USD is pretty cheap but i'd consider what petzsch brought up, price isn't everything especially when you're typically reselling and the margin isn't all that great anyway.

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    If you only offer domain registration then you do not have much choice then to go with the flow.

    However if you offer more then just domain registration and also offer hosting then the price mix willbe totally different. Then it depends on the market you are serving or what you are aiming for. - Worldwide domain management. API (epp) + Resellers prices

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    Quote Originally Posted by monty1983 View Post
    Going to be hard to undercut some of the big names, namecheap is only $3/yr for .com
    That's only for the first year.

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    You as reseller have a price form domain name registrar. Now everything will depend on your profit.
    Your profit + Your domain name registrar price.

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    The price depends on the value you attach to domains.
    If you offer Domains as a major product the you must define your prices with an element of profit. Some people offer domains for FREE or at a discount alongside other premium services. I am sure you shouldn't be compete with those companies.
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    if you are reselling domain, I think you shouldn't put more than $3 to the price you bought.

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    Quote Originally Posted by monty1983 View Post
    Going to be hard to undercut some of the big names, namecheap is only $3/yr for .com

    I agree with petzsch, it's more about the level of service and features that you offer that will make it appealing to register through you.
    ... thats for a .info, not .com

    a .com costs $7.34 base + 18c ICANN fee meaning that it costs the registrar at least $7.52 per .com.

    Namecheap sells .com for $9.89
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    We charge 8.95/$14.44 due to the PayPal fees, etc.
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    New .COMs only $8.70 good price right
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    When we need to register a domain name in .com I can only offers 450 INR or 12$ only.

    and then domain name registration charges changes as per domain name .net or .org ect.

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    To my mind, it will be more reasonable to do Google search on all possible 'Domain Registrars' available in the market.. be sure to choose the one that is accredited and has nice reputation.
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    We have ours @ $10.99 USD. Well, kinda low price because we get low Paypal Fees.

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    Don't just go for pricing. If you sell at low prices and give zero support, I think it will be hard for you to keep your clients.
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    I think its price should be between $9-$10 for direct registration but for reseller it may be $3-$5.

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    I don't get it, how do you guys come up with the $3-$5 registration for a .com domain? Base + ICANN fees would totally be more than that already.

    Who is offering $3-$5 .com domain names on a long term basis. I'd quit eNom and etc and move there without a second thought.

    Prices around $9 - $10 would be a decent place to be at. There's not much profit in domains now-a-days.
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    I think .COM prices could be as lo as $6 now..
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    I would love it if .com was under 6 dollars, but it is not according to this article.

    I know a guy who use to use godaddy, but was tired of all their hidden fees and expensive addons. He's stating a business expected to launch the end of June with .com and a lot of other domains less than $10. I'll let you guys know more when I find out.
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