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    Help with finding a reliable vps : full spec and budget

    Hello guys

    I manage a wordpress news site and i'm searching a new hosting provider. My site is now on a dedicated server with other sites. I'm looking for a good vps provider for my site and i'll use in a few days a CDN, for sure MAXCDN. My budget is 150-200$ for the server, max 50$ for the CDN.

    * I run my site with w3 total cache. According my WHM stats i consume every month 300 GB bandwidth. According Google Analytics i have 300000 visitors every month.
    * Server has got alternative php cache.
    * I got a subdirectory (xfilesharing pro script) where i host mirror of software that has been reviewed by our staff. (we publish sw news and sw review). Bandwidth usage is low (included in the 300 GB bandwidth and 300000 visitors every month).
    * We have too a web directory run by php link directory. Usage, resources and bandwidth usage is very very low

    I want to migrate to a reliable VPS but, before moving, i'd like to hear your opinion. I'm looking at Servint SuperVPS with MaxCDN. What's your experience ? Maybe it's better a "cloud server" ?

    Note: Why VPS ? Softlayer is great, support is excellent and i never had problems in 2 years. The problem is that i don't want to check anymore the hard drive. I think a vps will be my solution..


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    There are Linode, Knownhost and many more you can choose from.

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    KH, wiredtree or Servint are good managed VPS's. MaxCDN is nice i got an account but been having problems lately with them (but that's another story)

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    Quote Originally Posted by epigraph View Post
    There are Linode, Knownhost and many more you can choose from.
    Thanks, i already see them all. i didn't explain myself very well. I wanted to hear your opinion about Servint uptime (if you have a vps on servint) because as now, uptime on softlayer is wonderful.

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