cpremote 5.1 - cPanel remote incremental backup plugin , say good bye to load during backup time

What is new inside version 5.1 ?
Once click restore: Now from whm you can restore your remote cPanel backups with one click and multiple choice. The following options are available for restore.
  • Multiple home folder support
  • You can chose daily , weekly and monthly options
  • Restore a full cPanel backup from daily,monthly and weekly
  • Restore email folders from daily, weekly and monthly backups
  • Restore full home folder from daily, weekly and monthly backups
  • Restore document root from daily , weekly and monthly backups.

Auto Removal of backups: If you terminate a cPanel account , it will be automatically removed from the backup server too. This will save your backup space.
New interface : The whm plugin interface changed a lot with new look and feel.

We guarantee no performance difference in your server during backup time related with cpremote.


  • Only use 10% of your CPU during backup time. So no server loads
  • Direct /home sync which increase backup speed.
  • Enable and disable per account backup
  • Save bandwidth
  • 100 % performance guarantee during backup time
  • 100% cPanel compatible.
  • Direct sync of home folders to remote backup location , which increase speed upto 80%
  • Full backup logs
  • Easy to install
  • Openssh2 secured backup
  • There is no external software required
  • Easy whm plugin interface
  • Schedule backup time and rotations
  • No GZIP compression of files, so no server loads
  • Very low price starting from 3$/Month
  • 15 day free trial license is available

Demo Screen shots

Please see it : http://cpremote.net/Demo

Pricing Details:
cPremote have two types of license Datacenter and Individual.
Datacenter license: It is 3$ per month. This is for datacenters dedicated server resellers and vps providers.
Individual license : This is for single server owners this license start form 5$ per month .
Free license : For non-profit organizations and educational purpose

Restore Documentations : http://wiki.sysvm.com/Restore_cPremote_Backups

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