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    ARIN / IP Justification

    Does anyone have major problems getting IPs from ARIN (like a /19 or /20) due to lack of justification for previously assigned IPs?

    I'm talking about IPv4 and over 80% usage of total allocation.

    What justifications do you request from your clients? Do you request justification always or only certain times?

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    It's getting a lot harder, we are having to supply full details of usage for VPS clients etc.

    You have to request justification all the time now, if you don't you'll be killing yourself when you need more, if even possible to get more. you should not have 'major' problems, unless you have to spend a long time gathering these details that may not have been kept in the past, for older IPs.

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    It's our policy to request an IP-J for all clients for all IP allocations, we have an option coded into our portal for it, makes it easy to comply with ARIN requests so we do not have an issue getting assignments

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