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    view stats muliple domains

    Hi All
    I may be behind the times here, but is there a script or way to view stats from awStats (or other program) for multiple domains simultaneously? I dont' need every stat, I'm just thinking UV's would be great. Thanks much!
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    The link shows some light on this topic:

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    I suggest you to visit awstats help

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    I'd definitely upgrade at least to Google Analytics. Sooo much better than AWStats. Checkout Trakkboard, which is a Windows app that will allow you to view multiple Google Analytics accounts in the same view.
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    Yes, definitely Google Analytics is really a better option for you.

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    I like the Google Analytics tool to check the stat for my website. It's really easy to use and give a good result. I will suggest all the webmaster to use this tool.. it's really great.

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    using feedjit if you dont have google account..

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    Google Analytics is not "sooo much better than AWStats". There are data you can only see in AWStats and others that you better see in Google Analytics.

    It makes sense to use both.

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