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    Review: Student Loans Guide -

    i am waiting for your feedback on my student loans site and i think visitors would have good impression on what part should be improved.

    Here is my site: best student loans

    I want to know how is the layout and ads placement (yellow onw)


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    Overall there seems to be good content on the site. However with regard to the layout etc here are a few comments:

    1. The layout is definitely dated. the information ideally would be central (this is just the progress towards web 2.0)
    2. Looks quite plain, maybe try add something like borders on either side of the content (if you did decide to centre out the layout.
    3. You use word press so changing the layout shouldn't be too difficult. Maybe also consider moving the logo to be more central, also the text underneath the logo "a better guide..." seems quite hard to read.

    Please do not take my comments in a negative way, they are just some observations I have made. If you would like me to come back on any points should you choose to change any part of your site I would be more than happy too.

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