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    WHM - Can you add new nameservers to accounts in bulk?


    I've recently added additional nameservers to my reseller hosting.

    Previously I only had to nameservers (ns1 and ns2).

    Now that I have ns1, 2, 3 and 4 - I am finding it difficult to find a way of adding the 2 new additional nameservers in the dns zones for every customer.

    Is there a way to do this in bulk? or do i have to go through each one individually.

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    I believe it is a manual task for each one - there is no bulk way of doing this im afraid.
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    I'm not sure but you could try adding ns3 and ns4 as your nameservers and update 1 zone to see if it adds them. Also take a look at what /scripts/rebuildnsdzones can do for you if the first part worked - Home to over 23,000 websites.
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    you can set nameserver updation by default at the time of migration to new server, else you will have to do it manually.
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    You might be able to write a script to update all the zone files, but it would be a pretty complex script and you'd have to test it very well so as not to screw up your zones on a live production server, that would be horrible!

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    I'm pretty sure, as others have said, this would have to be done manually.

    If you got a few people to help out, i'd just split the task between you guys by assigning someone websites A-K L-Q R-Z or something.
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    Here is a little help if you're using bind

    for i in `ls -1 /var/named | grep '.db'`; do dom=`echo $i-- | awk -F\.db\-\- {'print $1'}`; echo $i $dom; done;
    That code will show you the file name and the domain name ready for use, now for the next step you need to backup /var/named first just in case something goes wrong, then add somewhere before the "done":

    echo "$dom. 86400 IN NS" >> /var/named/$i
    Then restart named not the best way but I think it could do the job... use it at your own risk. - Home to over 23,000 websites.
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    Try to do a search for some scripts that could possibly do this. Otherwise manually I think.

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    I think it's better to manage all DNS under 2 or 3 dns servers, it's not quite good to setup so many dns servers.

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    Normally, one would do this with a simple script, that just checks zones stored in /var/named and adds a new line in each of them (pretty easy: list all the appropriate files and cycle through them).

    There is however one catch: you should always update the timestamp on dns update. This is a bit more complicated, unfortunately, but still not a hard job, as all the zone files conform to one standard.
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