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    high CPU windows server


    I need a single Windows server which will have as high as possible CPU (comething like 24 core or higher). Memory and bandwidth isn't an issue.
    I need full administrative access (to be able to install any application).
    I would also like paying by hours of use.

    I've been trying several site but none provided the above.

    Can you recommend something please?


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    24 cores? Why don't you aim for a dedicated server? Unlikely you would find a VPS as flexible as that specially since you want to pay hourly? o.O

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    It might be a dedicated server as well, but i understand that those cost much higher, and that you can't pay by the hour (since it's dedicated).

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    I got a cloud server at serverloft with 20000 MHz cpu, but i couldn't get Windows

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    Hmm what exactly is your budget ?? You are looking for a powerful box on an hourly payment, chances are low you will find something like that though

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    I i would pay by a monthly basis - i wouldn't like to spend more then 100-150$ per month. Is that reasonable??
    The reason i would like to pay hourly is to be able to try the server and see that it fits me before i pay for a whole month.

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    Can you manage the server on your own? You may like to check the offers section here for dedicated servers. You may find a powerful un-managed machine

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    Amazon Cloud Services?

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    i've tried that.
    They are very expensive, and the performance is good enough (they don't have Windows for the cluster instances).

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    Look for server with a E5640 CPU, those server have 24 cores. Also did you try to look at Hetzner "HEXA" deal?
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    What kind of usage that needs such high cpu power?
    IMO your options are limited to dedicated server or cloud hosting. Hyper-V SSD VPS USA London Singapore
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