OpticGrid Networks LLC is proud to announce the launch of its new dedicated servers and cloud computing instances. All dedicated servers and cloud computing instances are hosted in the highly redundant, secure and reliable SoftLayer Network. OpticGrid's goal is to bring SoftLayer Servers to anyone, big or small, at an affordable price. All of our new server deals can be viewed at our website.

OpticGrid Networks LLC also is proud to have been given the opportunity to partner with GraphicFlash LLC and sponsor their latest creation, myFacebookBanners.com. myFacebookBanners.com was created back in February of 2011 and has since grown quite rapidly. Facebook Banners have become increasingly popular and due to that growth OpticGrid Networks has leveraged the benefits of cloud computing to ensure myFacebookBanners.com is always up and running at its fullest.

For more information you can view our blog post at OpticGrid Networks.