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    * Windows VPS advices needed.

    Need win vps located in west coast,
    but my budget is pretty tight,
    Damnvps seems to be quite cheap but I've heard many complains.
    Any other options?
    I Love WHT

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    What is your budget and what are the specs that you require for VPS?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Softsys Hosting View Post
    What is your budget and what are the specs that you require for VPS?
    Thanks for replying.
    regarding the specs...
    512M+ ram and 50G+ hdd,
    win2003 will be fine

    can I get all above with a budget within $15/mo?
    and bandwidth, is up/down traffic counted separately?
    I Love WHT

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    burstnet has a sale on lowendbox that should fill that pretty close if not fully

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    BurstNET only has a sale for their FL location. LA has no discounts at all. I am sure their resellers will give you a discount though.
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    I think you can check the advertisement section/marketplace for some offers. You can find one there.

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    thanks for all the above replies
    I think I may just try
    I Love WHT

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