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    stupid provisioning from leaseweb

    one week ago im puchase dedeicated server from leaseweb

    they send me a info about about my server
    ar sunarso johan,

    Welcome to the LeaseWeb hosting facilities. Your new server CQZL002 has
    been installed in our datacenter recently. Here are the details:


    CentOS 64-bit + cpanel

    - IP / 255

    Extra ip's:

    NOTE: You can request more IP's at [email protected], do not assign
    them without contacting us first!

    cPanel Details:

    - Username: root
    - Password: xxxxxxxxx
    ** Please notice that you will be able to log in your cpanel around one
    hour after receiving this message

    You can restart your server on the SSC page
    - login with the CustomerID and password you received at an
    earlier stage with the 'power-cycle' button.

    If there are any questions, do not hesitate to contact us, either by
    replying to this message or creating a new message to [email protected].

    We appreciate your business.


    Giorgio Puchetta
    LeaseWeb - Provisioning

    than they revised again with send me new ip with main ip end .200

    after couple days, they say im stole their other customer ip
    this is really funny,they threat will isolated my server
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    and they say already fix with support ticket #1169240] [EVO FJ12](
    Corné Oldenziel
    LeaseWeb - Technical Support)

    today they back again and say samething [ts #1170307] Multiple IP's stolen by CQZL002(Dennis Kuik
    LeaseWeb - Network Support)

    all my life buying dedicated, today i get bad support and threat from stupid provisioning company
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    Sounds like there isn't any VLANs or MAC filtering in place to prevent this from happening or other customers stealing each others IPs.

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    Well it is not excusable for a serious dedicated hosting provider like one quoted in the thread, but sometimes people make mistakes. Call them and give them a few hours to fix it. If they don;t then you'd find another host.
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    I would give them a call.

    You get a much better response during working hours as all networking/provisioning staff only work during these hours.

    Mix up's happen, and sometimes e-mail isn't always the best way to fix a problem.
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    they has been say sorry to me, and case closed. i hope this only happen to me
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    lol, so LW like. And calling probably does not help either.

    but atleast you got your situ solved
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    This actually happened to me once with Leaseweb, except I received a polite email where they explained how they'd accidentally assigned the same IPs twice and asked me kindly to start using alternative ones within a reasonable time period. Not too much of a problem, but still somewhat annoying.

    I'm not sure exactly what system they use to assign IPs, but it seems to be in need of some work.

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