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    do search engine accept javascript ?


    if webpage design with javascript,

    will it effect search engine to collect well ?

    or any thing to take care ?

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    There shouldn't be much problem as search engines are way smarter now a days but still you may want to read some tutorials related to optmizing javascript site for search engines.
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    What about AJAX?
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    Hmm I dont think there will be any problem thesedays ...
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    Well that will depend. The search engine is only going to skim over the site. If your site is updating/changing it is likely content will be missed. It all depends on what is in the source at the time the site is being crawled. Most cases, this information is readily available..
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    i think google, love html ,, when ever i did SEO of any java and php they did not get any good pr and html get very fast PR, and also if you going to search on google most of time i find to 10 web based on html tag so i can say 60% html is best
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    SEO tips

    Now a days in SEO avoiding form using the Java scripting & Flash because Google do not accept it easily & because of this there may b chances of you low ranking so avoid from it.
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    There is no problem with using codes coming in HTML, CSS, PHP, ASP or JavaScript formats because they are compatible with most standard browsing applications and some websites do need to contain snippets of scripts and online applications which are purely created using any of these materials but there is one issue over here, and I guess you are referring to, and that is concerning writing contents and adding them to the websites or profiles.

    While adding fresh materials to your website, make sure no JavaScript is used to affect your contents and that your texts are not framed by codes in that environment. Using pure texts would be the solution to make sure both people and search engines would be at ease in accessing and crawling your contents.
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    There wont be any problem using Javascripts or AJAX. You only need to avoid inline Javascripts.
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    u can use javascript but with this use <noscript> tag
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