a Year - Year and ahalf ago i had a tryout to try and except Dedicated Servers users into my Hosting Company.... during several weeks i recived few clients, some of them left and some stayed.
for now i cannot support them anymore and dont wish to give them bad support so i've decided to look for some company who will buy them from me, this is only the Client i'm selling and not the hardware, althu i dont want to do it with me going to the army and alot of Shared Hosting clients i have i cannot continue and support the dedicated once as i would like to.

some info about them, they are basicly only 2 clients which have 3 servers.

All monthly payment, both of them are VERY loyal, they have been with me for over a year now and even when i had downtime problems they stayed without saying anything.

1st server - Linux W/ Cpanel 500GB per month (only using 300GB)
paying 560$ per month on monthly basics.
2nd Server - Linux W/ Cpanel 500GB per month (only using 200GB) paying 300$ per month on monthly basics
3rd server - Linux W/ Cpanel 500GB per month (Only using 100 - 150Gb per month) paying 400$ per month on monthly basics.

It's total of 1260$ per month, Corrently my B/W provider is Cogent so it's ok - BUT UPTIME HAS TO BE GOOD !!!!

Main usage for those server is DEMO downloading / Game review sites & ADULT related so all legal, but ISP has to accept this content..

Again, i'm looking for bids from hosting companies and i wont be intrested on the Highest one, but i'll be more intrested in a company that can provide them with GOOD service that will last for aslong as they need, so i prefer BIG or Medium companies and not Small / StartUp.. sorry guys..

If you need anymore info please let me know, Page or Email me.