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    Did I get hacked?

    While running top I see this command:
    proftpd: USER Administrator

    Did someone successfully logged into FTP with Administrator username?

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    That's most likely not the case. Review the logs in /var/log to make sure the authentication failed. Check /var/log/secure and /var/log/messages

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    Erm... Administrator in Linux basically means nothing. It's just another username and there's nothing special to it.

    However if you see someone logging into your server with "root" then you'll need to start jumping. LOL. This should not be a problem however you would still need to check if there's a user called "Administrator" on the system and if there is what is its privileges and etc.

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    We get this all the time. They're just bots that try various username combinations like Administrator, Staff, Manager, etc. until they get banned by the firewall. Nothing to worry about, but you can still check the logs to make sure.
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    More than likely what was stated above.

    See if the account exists.

    cat /etc/passwd | grep -i administrator -or- id Administrator
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    You should add something like CSF to take care of tracking bogus logins and blocking bots.
    It can also send you emails whenever somebody logs in (or becomes root through root login/su/sudo)

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    would def give the user a check but agree it is probably a bot I would bet the ip originates from china seen it thousands of times lol anyways check it out better safe then sorry. "Where the client comes first!"
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