I'm selling those seven new unique designs.
The first two have a hosting theme and come with PSD and fonts.
The other five are coded and come with .fla, .html, .css and fonts.
It's a one-time sale, that include full rights of the template.

I'm accepting offers for each of at least $50 and I sell it now for $100.

#1 http://estudioreverie.com.br/portfol...raz%20jpeg.jpg

#2 http://estudioreverie.com.br/portfol...bol%20jpeg.jpg

#3 http://estudioreverie.com.br/portfolio/flor/

#4 http://estudioreverie.com.br/portfolio/folha/

#5 http://estudioreverie.com.br/portfolio/pedra/

#6 http://estudioreverie.com.br/portfolio/graveto/

#7 http://estudioreverie.com.br/portfolio/areia/

I can make small edits in any of them for free.

obs: the coded templates are coded in dreamweaver mx, as I had a problem with my dreamweaver cs license during last week, and the html is not validated.

I accept paypal, but i'm open for other methods of payment also.

Thank you.