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    * Need Reviews

    Hi, We need Reviews For our Website. We Also just launched a new site Design. If you could review That as well as The Service That would be great. Thank you the site is

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    About the design:
    It's very well organized and suited for good navigation.
    As suggestion, I think it could have at least one more color, use 1 or 2 new different fonts for the text, and have a more detailed style for the menu.

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    Overall the site feels very generic, there seems to be no logo, and all the images are stock images.

    A few points/tips I would make are:

    1. Your TOS are very generic, They dont outline the terms of your hosting, if someone was to use your hosting for illegal purposes, there are no penalties for them in doing so.
    2. The site needs custom images and in my personal opinion a redesign, the overall sight seems quite amateur.
    3. Your WHMCS installation should integrate with your site, for less than $30 people can integrate this for you in less than 24 hours!
    4. Reseller hosting - if you do not offer it currently don't waste an entire page on it. This will deter from what you are currently offering.
    5. On your about us section you offer reseller hosting again with a link that takes you nowhere. Also you offer free hosting, overall with this point your plans feel like they have been made very quickly.
    6. A lot of your text has capitals mid sentence, this looks very unprofessional, try going back a step and simplifying the text.
    7. Hosting plans you offer free, shared (Advanced basic and premium - all with $-1 setup fee?), Reseller (Coming Soon) and dedicated hosting (coming soon) with only the shared hosting plans available. your free plans are sold out already? have you had any testimonials that you could include on your site in order for people to see what your free clients have to say about you?
    8. A lot of your links do not work or link to the correct pages. - this should be monitored at all times, consider using a CMS system for your site.
    9. Overall meta tags look messy I.E " cheap web hosting reseller hosting" avoid using words such as Cheap, consider things such as affordable, or words that do not suggest you are just offering a barebones product.
    10. You have not put anything about support offered on your site. If you do offer support?

    Overall I think it feels rushed you are offering too much too quickly, I would try to scale it back a bit and offer free and shared hosting. And if you are offering free hosting then offer it dont just say it has been "sold out". You are not getting any customers from saying reseller coming soon, people will go elsewhere and if they can not see your services first hand they will walk.

    Please do not take this to badly, there is potential. And of course this is just my opinion. I am more than happy to come back on my points and suggest ways on improving things if you decide to change things also.

    Thanks - Simple cost effective hosting
    24/7 Support, Daily Backups, Unlimited Hosting

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