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    I am in the process of setting up a webhosting business, at the point now of selecting a company to go with to buy the service off.

    What I am looking for is a company that will let me run it as my own, I pay a flat fee every year / month and have unlimited everything in turn letting me on sell my own packages something similar to what justhost offers.

    I am looking with this one for the company which im using to cover all support for the users through ticketed support / live chat, as well as phone support (phone support is not necessary)

    In your opinions from what you have used before what company would you recommend?

    Any help is appreciated,


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    Nobody can offer you unlimited everything. It's impossible.

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    what is ur budget..
    if you want to have someone to cover as the support, i believe the cost may not be low for a starter..

    try to get you and your friends to first support the web until it earns some profits
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    It is very dangerous to try and run reseller hosting on an unlimited plan. Unlimited hosts are notorious for suddenly shutting off client accounts due to "high resource usage" - something not expected when ordering "unlimited."

    This is especially important for you, because not only would they be shutting off your account, but all of your own client's. You should never risk your clients like that.

    My suggestion is to stick with a reputable company with clearly defined limits and expectations. Since you are just starting up, you will likely need nothing more than an entry-level plan, which you can usually find for about $10. From there, you can continue to upgrade as you increase in clients.

    Good luck on your business venture!

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    Though I have not seen any that do it well enough to recommend, there are several white-label hosts that will simply charge a wholesale price per account and handle everything for you.

    Many have also accomplished this goal through simple affiliate programs.

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    So it sounds to me like you are looking to set-up a basic reseller package? If so, what type of monthly/yearly budget are you looking to initially stay within?

    PS. I recommend staying away from any company that is claiming to offer you unlimited diskspace/bandwidth.
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    Although there are unlimited reseller hosting providers (which is not actually possible, this is just a marketing ploy), I would HIGHLY advise that you stay away from these are you are very likely to run into reliability issues with them - Hosting websites since 1999!
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    before you startup, make a list of what you are planing for ? like domain name ? windows / linux shared hosting ... and much more... however avoid unlimited..

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    unlimited even dont think that it will be bad for long terms
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    I think it would be better to consider being a reseller for a well known company if you are looking for them to handle all the support. That will be tough to find and also have them do this under your companies name, etc. Another option might be to get a small VPS server and just start selling. You can handle the support stuff that falls under your knowledge and when it goes higher ask your host for help, you play middle man. Get a well known host that has reliable and fast support and you are all set. Once you grow your income then look at ways to branch out and make more money. It all comes down to the host you choose to go with and what they will do to help you grow.

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