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    BGP multiple peering

    Hello All

    I was woundering if it recommended/possible to peer with multiple providers with only one port on a router. Currently we have a layer 2 switch that connects to various ISP's, Is it possible to connect each peer to the switch which then connects into the BGP routers which peer with just the one interface. I guess this is probabily possible with a dot1q router on a stick type configuration however it seems a kind of wierd for this situation.

    From my very limited knowledge of bgp i though you would need a too use a new interface with each ISP you peered with.

    Thanks for any help in advanced!


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    You basically have the idea correct. It would be possible if the port on the router you are connecting to is a trunk port connected to your switch. Each ISP should be on its own VLAN. The "new interface" for each ISP would be the VLAN interface created/assigned for each ISP.

    You are correct that it is an odd setup as it has a single point of failure and typically a company is deploying BGP to create redundancy.

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    Yes, you can peer with multiple ISPs on the same physical interface.
    This is encouraged at large carrier neutral data centers (e.g. Equinix, CoreSite, etc) where they provide a peering fabric. There, you can connect to multiple ISPs with a single connections.

    The downside of what you are suggesting is that if the switch fails, you lose all of your connections. Suggest that you use a dedicated port per uplink carrier. Also, consider multiple modules and balance the carriers over the modules.

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    Before I upgraded my setup was one Cisco 3550 with two uplinks and outgoing load sharing. No problem at all. You cat get those Ciscos really cheap nowadays..

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