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    Zoom Active

    Hello WHT'ers,

    I am writing this thread because i feel i wanted to make a review about the Logo design Zoom Active( Has created for me as part of his logo design offer he had recently here on WHT.

    I Rate him a 10 for each category because everything was just Perfect.

    Quality= 10/10
    Turn-around=10/10(Logo was done and sent in about 13 hours)
    Choice of Logo symbol = (10/10).

    I answered his 5 questions and he made an logo with the answers i've provided to him..

    I have to say Zoom Active is an excellent designer.


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    Thanks for the review Andrew.

    I am glad that you appreciated the design that was presented to you. As a future note for those interested in design services, please note that Zoom Active no longer directly provides design services. We are however launching a sub-division in which will offer design services to Web Hosting Businesses which is expected to launch next week at

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    It is really a great offer, Good luck all

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    Good to hear it!

    Great job Dallas :d
    Website Design, Website Development, Photography & more!

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