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    Regarding my nameserver(s)

    Hello Every One

    I have more than reseller account with a dedicated IP and private name servers

    i have put every reseller account under different name server

    Ex: Reseller#1 >> &

    Reseller#2 >> &

    Reseller#3 >> &

    Every Name Server has been registered from the domain registrar and create for it a A-Reccord for its IP

    The issue that i prefer to put all my account under one name server

    so do i leave them as they are or add all my domain under the same domain of the name server and host is and create all the Records from 1 whm

    I am just want to share with you my questions regarding my name servers, i feel that it is a simple issue but really i need to know your onion

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    Since you are having multiple reseller accounts, it is not possible to group them into one set of nameservers.
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    You could name them

    where xxx is the domain name.


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    or can create with located for ur server
    4 example
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