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    * Linkhoster : Server optimization & hardening from $15 one-time. Just like Managewiz


    Linkhoster is run by the old operators of Managewiz. For a limited time, we're offering our previous, reliable and trusted management service. Check these reviews!

    It's exactly the same offering, with the same staff, just under a new name.


    Get $5 off the combined order of hardening and optimization. That's $20 - $10 off! Enter hando as a coupon when ordering.


    We offer:

    Server hardening for $15. - Make sure your server is secure and ready for production

    Get server optimization for $15. - Server feeling a little slow? Get it tuned to get every you can from your hardware.

    Get hardening AND optimization for $25. - Secure and fast, the perfect combination.

    Site/Server transfers - Contact us for a quote.

    To order any of the above, click here!

    Any questions? Let us know.

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    I just post order for both services , will see how it is.

    then will post review

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