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oases.info godaddy 01-jun-2011
InjuryInsurance.info godaddy 16-jun-2011
MyHomeLoan.info godaddy 18-jun-2011
EntertainmentOnline.info godaddy 21-jun-2011
not parked
multi forum thread, first will take
payment via moneybookers, i will pay all the fees or via godaddy gift cards without any fees at all [there is an important note added: if you want to pay via paypal.com so you can by godaddy gift card from here: You choose the amount, they chose what to buy. Go Daddy's Gift Cards make a tremendous gift for any occasion. Available in any dollar amount! & the payment will be via paypal.com or credit card & more payment methods]
i will give the username & password or a free push to your account
BIN: $2 each
post "SOLD" to claim then PM me