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Who are we?
Private Internet Access is a VPN service provider that specializes in personal VPN service. Our VPN Service Specialists have built a multi-gigabit, multi-homed VPN cloud which provides fast, fully redundant VPN Tunnel services.

Why do I need a VPN Service?

Private Internet Access VPN provides gateways in the US, UK and Switzerland.
  • American IP - Our US based American IP addresses allow you to receive completely unrestricted and uncensored access to the internet. In addition, you will gain access to many websites, including Hulu, Youtube, Facebook, Fox, ABC, CBS, and more!
  • British IP - Our UK based British IP addresses are the answer to how to watch UK TV. For example, if you have ever wondered how to watch BBC iPlayer, Private Internet Access VPN service is the answer. You will also gain access to Demand5, Sky Player and many more of your favorite UK websites.
  • Swiss IP - Our Switzerland based Swiss IP addresses provide enhanced privacy due to the privacy laws in Switzerland. In addition, you will gain access to Zattoo!

Private Internet Access VPN provides Public Wifi Security
Public Wifi Security is very important when using public wifi hotspots at cafes, coffee shops, hotels, schools, amongst other places. The reason is that these public wifi hotspots do not encrypt any data transferred. This means that anyone can potentially snoop your traffic! Our PPTP, IPSec and SSL based encryption offered amongst our various VPN tunnels will help keep these data snoopers from monitoring your traffic!

Hide your IP Address
Your IP address is your digital fingerprint/identification which lets websites, thieves amongst others track your every move online. Hiding this IP will effectively make you anonymous.

Browse anonymously with Private Internet Access VPN
Browsing anonymously online goes hand in hand with hiding your IP. Simply browse safely and discreetly. Don't let others, including your ISP, monitor your internet usage.

I really need a VPN. Buy why Private Internet Access?
  • No logging!
  • All of our VPN service gateways are located in top tier datacenter facilities.
  • Minimum 1Gbps on every gateway!
  • All systems have a minimum Core 2 Duo processor up to Quad Core Xeons
  • PPTP, IPSec/L2TP, and OpenVPN on all accounts. Get a custom port if you are in a restrictive network!
  • We specialize in VPN, and only VPN.
  • We have gateways in the US, UK and Switzerland!
  • We have over 15+ years experience!
  • We accept Paypal.
  • Toll Free Phone Support!
  • 24/7 Online Helpdesk!
  • We do not filter our traffic. Period.

I'm sold! How do I signup?
Simply visit our buy VPN service website. We offer monthly accounts from $6.95 and yearly from $39.95 ($3.33/mo).

You will receive over $40 in savings with annual accounts!