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    Time warner cable vs Grande Communications?

    I have a client site in TX that I need to get a 30 and 100meg internet connection. There are only two providers that can bring fiber to the site.

    Time Warner Cable (not telecom)
    Grande Communication (a TX CLEC)

    Almost all traffic will be VPN to our site here where we connect to the following providers (Level(3), Hurricane and Verizon.)

    Any opinions on these two carriers? Which would you say would be better?


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    Do both and multi home :-)
    'Ripcord'ing is the only way!

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    Time Warner is obviously the big player here in TX. I've not used Grande, but always enjoyed our "business class internet" (just cable) going down during heavy storms and TWC telling us there's no refunds etc etc. Blah blah blah. Switched to AT&T for half the price.

    I believe AT&T also do fiber in TX.

    What price are you seeing from TWC on the 100meg?
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    Wheres the site at in tx? I have twc fiber in san antonio and austin, and some coax sites in mcallen. If you want some traceroutes shoot me a pm.

    Given that i have been happy enough with time warner cable and they have pretty good pricing on lower end stuff, higher speeds dont normally scale too well though. At least in san antonio everything goes to houston, then dallas. I will say they peer directly with level 3 in dallas, traffic to verizon touches XO first, and traffic to HE touches global crossing first.

    I looked up grande's AS(7459) and they seem to have some pretty good peers, but not sure on their routing.

    And yes as already mentioned AT&T does fiber, but their direct pricing is usually crap. I would look at ACC business or someone like windstream if they have a pop nearby.

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    fiberlight has a lot of fiber in TX, you may want to check them....

    Grande's longhaul network was just purchased by FPL Fibernet as well, it is very good.

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    Grande, yes.
    TW, no.
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