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    Looking for a provider


    Anyone know any good ISP/Colo DC's in Russia/Ukraine

    thank you in advance

  2. #2 is one of the best in Russia.

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    FYI: in the fall of 2011 Moscow should get large and modern datacenter:

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    I would prefer Hostkey for you

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    You only want something in Russia?
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    dont get hostkey if you using kloxo they only offer 64bit and kloxo got installed it maxed out 512mb

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    Quote Originally Posted by accyuklad2 View Post
    dont get hostkey if you using kloxo they only offer 64bit and kloxo got installed it maxed out 512mb
    You should understand the OP wrongly. He needs dedicated/colo provider, so there is no problem for this what you said.

    best regards
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    I could tell recommend you,, and many others but they all has site only on Russian language.
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