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    Legal Question regarding website linking

    I'm going to be starting a site soon which will act as a centralized directory for specific education resources. It will involve having links to websites of schools in the country seperated by state.

    My question is - Is there anything wrong with adding someone else's link to my own site? Would there be any legal issues? In a sense, I am helping them by adding their link and if they ever found out there would be a link on the site itself which will allow them to request to have it removed.

    I just want to see if anyone can for see the legal ramifications of doing something like this, if there are any?
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    I can't find anything wrong with that. They have a public website and would probably invite the referrals.
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    Basically, I thought I would manually request permission from each company before I added them to my site, but I'm only a one man team at the moment and it would take quite a bit of time. So, I would add it instead without their consent, if they had any reason for not wanting to be included in the site, they would have the ability to request for it to be removed within 24-48 hours.
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    Requesting permission is not required.
    It's not even suggested.
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    If you're adding in a wrong category then it may create a problem. Otherwise no, you can add their links anytime, no need to take permission from them.

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    There's no legal issue on that one. Adding them in your site is a great thing for them 'coz you're going to drive traffic on their sites.

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    No issues, just go ahead to add the links, the website owners would be happy if they find you're doing so.

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