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    WHMCS Post to Host Module

    Looking to automate your Post2Host business? Then look no further than WHMCSModule, our post to host addon module for WHMCS allows you to provide hosting in return for the client posting on a forum.

    What can Post2Host do?
    • Automate the counting of forum posts each month
    • Suspending accounts that don't make the required number of posts
    • Allows you to set the number of posts required on a per product or per client basis
    • Allows you to specify the forums in which posts count
    • vBulletin, IPB, SMF and MyBB Forums Supported, Others Planned...

    Order Now - Starting from $4.95/month

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    Wow, is this for real? You appears to be the first person to create this module.

    Any trials?

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    Yes there is a 14 day free trial. Just visit to order it.

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    really insteresting, I will have a look into that module!

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    Do you plan to include XenForo?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mormon View Post
    Do you plan to include XenForo?
    Sorry Mormon I didn't see your reply. If you are able to provide a test installation of XenForo we will happily support it.

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    Not sure I trust this entirely paid for it earlier in the day, the invoice shows as unpaid, the product is pending and my support ticket has gone unanswered.

    Not how you should make a first impression.
    $this->hasFlavr() ? $nom->nom('nom') : $want->doNot()

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    Hello, we manually review all orders due to the amount of fraud orders we receive. Sorry for the delay.

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