I don't think I need to tell many stories here.

Got 3 vps ready to be deployed as ns and I asked them for help to make the progress and installation faster due to the mission critical nature which my employer enforced me (Well, you know : "do this and that ASAP!" ).

We have a little bit miscommunication and realized the mistakes in the *almost* finished work (thanks to my limited English) in which they have to redo the project.

Long story short, Henry (CS Tech Support) managed to do all that in one day and it's now working flawlessly and my boss is smiling again

What's left now is an unused cPanel license which I don't know what to do with it . Oh well , it's from my own salary (and due to my own mistake aka limited English aka miscommunication) and it will not affect my boss mood at least

All in all, CliffSupport ? Go for them