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    ResellerCluster odd packages

    Have been looking seriously at ResellerCluster. Unfortunately their odd package has turned me off and has cost them a customer. I was looking at the DNS Cluster Pro package ($60/year). They have a pretty stupid rule that if you use that package then your domain is free, however, if you leave they get to keep the domain.

    I find it stupid because if you choose one of the lower packages ($20 or $40) you can transfer your domain and then if you leave you get to take your domain with you. If you have the $60 package you MUST register your domain for free through them.

    I have contacted support in regards to using my own domain with the DNS Cluster Pro package. Their response, in a way, was a run around but at the same time just reiterates that you have to register your domain through them (for free) and they get to keep that domain.

    I really don't understand the concept of a person purchasing the most expensive package yet getting less flexibility/options. I have searched their website and all I can find it a phone number to call. No number to contact "corporate" in regards to their asinine policy. So, because of policies as such, poor response from customer support (i.e. run around), and no way to really contact anyone higher up than a customer support person that killed any chance of me ever using them.

    I'm posting this here to let others know as well as I could have sworn I had see someone from ResellerHosting (i.e. staff) on here before. If they're reading them maybe they can pass my sentiments on to a higher-up.

    As for why I want something similar is that with them there no upfront monthly fee. I don't have to deal with billing/technical support, and still have the illusion, so to speak, of my own hosting business.

    My plans are to develop content (articles/tutorials) that hosting customers could access. Furthermore I plan on developing some free templates (HTML/CSS and WordPress) that they would get access to. So my goal really would be to be able to show people the ins and outs of website design and development.

    Monetization would be through commission (as RC provides), advertising (possibly to related commercial products), and maybe even small service for custom templates (i.e. customize a template already created).

    I am familiar with GoDaddy having similar (i.e. affiliate/commission based system), however, I have used GoDaddy before for hosting. I can't stand it! I also like that RC allows me to offer free hosting space, which is good for people wanting to get their feet wet in HTML/CSS.

    Another potential may be byet host. Still researching.
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    Nice research

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    I wanted to updated this review. I did get a response back from a support manager that better explained the deal on subdomains. The belief of ResellerCluster is that you get a free domain with your account and the reason for keeping this domain should you have cancel your service is to protect your users hard work. If you registered your domain yourself and didn't renew or didn't renew your Pro membership then all the users that have a free website of would lose it.

    While I can see their point, I believe it should be up to the one creating the domain as to whether they would want to terminate their services. Being able to offer your is the only real advantage of paying for the $60/year.

    What do you get with the $20/yr and $40/yr? the ability to offer free hosting, but not with a subdomain of your domain. You would only be able to offer hosting with a subdomain under one of the ResellerCluster domains. These are the domains as was listed by the support staff:

    With that $20/$40/mo package you are basically paying to be able to have should a person upgrade their hosting to a paid package (which you can get commission off of). I asked about the $40 only offering a ns1, which I thought that was stupid. Only offering na1 and ns2 on the Pro ($60/yr) package. They did say that if one got the $40/yr package then they could, for an extra $10/yr get an ns2. Why not just have ns1 and ns2 offered together? Just asinine if you ask me.

    In the end though I have decided against the service because my goal was to offer free hosting on a subdomain. While ResellerCluster does offer this, it's under what I would consider less-than-favorable terms. I don't think it's too much to ask to be able to use a service (that you are paying for) with your own domain and be able to have actual ownership of the domain. With ResellerCluster all you are really paying for is to be a glorified affiliate.
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