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    * Horrifying Connection Issue

    Im going to have to make myself look totaly and hutterly foolish to explain my problem here, so here goes.

    I have 9 Proliant Servers which include:
    4x DNS Servers
    1x Windows Hosting controller Panel.
    2x Linux Hosting control panels
    1x email server.
    1x media server.

    Im hosting lots of my own sites on these servers and have built/purchased scripting etc for several site services/shops etc.

    Ive spent a few years doing this and have tried and tested and setup all to a collection of IP adresses whilst i was with bt.?

    You can probably predict the problem before i say anything.

    CONNECTION?????? WHo is me, who is me, lol.

    Im an ordinary guy with less than ordinary funds available as you will probably know to what expence ive gone to create all of the sites/server functions etc.


    1: Have my sites etc Up and running LIVE.

    2: To be able to offer others the use of my servers for thir sites etc.

    Your probably aware that i dont want to know the answer to the second question as i suspect it to be something way out of my reach. No really any advicce/input suggestions would be very much appreciated as it seems to me ive waisted thousands in time and money.

    Thanks for any input.

    PS. please dont advise on hosting,vpns or dedicated servers as a solution as i have no intention of repeating the past few years work on someone elses servers. Thanks.

    Turn my frown around. PLEASE. lol.

    PPS. I dont want to be a hosting company parse, but i will want upto 500? 1000? sites of others. Wether i create the site for them or have the option to build it themselves is another thought.? Also i was getting heavily into the site building and learning as i went. My learning stopped when i realized i may have a major issue with connection, so am limited knowledge wize. hanks again
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    Hard to understand what you're saying, are you saying something about running sites/servers from home on a BT (british telecom) DSL line? If so, stop there.

    If you have servers already you need to co-locate them (put them in a datacenter). Also, 4 physical DNS servers sounds odd. Especially if you're putting all these servers in the same place. The idea behind multiple DNS servers is redundancy.

    The easiest thing to do when starting out is to get a reseller hosting account, so that you don't have to worry about the time, experience, and costs needed to manage your own servers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by iiswotiis View Post
    PS. please dont advise on hosting,vpns or dedicated servers as a solution as i have no intention of repeating the past few years work on someone elses servers. Thanks.
    To be blunt, since you spent a few years working on this, your infrastructure is already obsolete. It sounds like what you have is a hobbyist lab. Those 9 servers are going to use tons of power, so you would probably be better off scrapping them, and replace them with a pair of Xen or VMWare servers. You can then run as many VMs as you want.
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    Thanks anyways but looks like this is a personal problem and unsolvable by others. Your remarks were helpfull although unacceptable to me. Theres always going to be some new high tech solution better than the one being used by the individual unless he has unlimited funds available.

    My solution would be to use just the one server which would be 4x3g processors and 32g ram. which would cost a fortune from these resellers.

    Of course the rolls royce would get you to your location quicker and with more sytyle but my mini van will get there also.

    When ive saved enough maybe il get a roller too.

    I know i sound pretty negative towards other people products and services but i am pretty negative about other peoples products and services. They may know more but will never go to the lengths i would to keep me happy which is probably an impossibility.

    I did sumise that asking qualified people the question in the first place would be a nogo and would simply shout me down instead of giving an answer individual to me. Not a universal set in place answer: OTHER PEOPLES PRODUCTS. I would sooner pay for a connection than place all my hard work on someone elses server.

    BT offer a 10k per year leased line which will probablybe my starting point.

    Ideas are useless unless acted upon by myseld (who had the idea) or stollen by someone who can afford to put the idea into pracxtice and call his own. Let him copy after and not before.?

    Again please dont take this against you its my experience and not yours that makes me do the things i do. OK so thanks a lot and gudluk with your???? whatever, cheers and thanks.

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    I think you can't see the forest for the trees.

    You are talking about servers, connections, and solutions, but what is the problem?

    What is your Internet traffic (visitors,GB/mo)? How many sites do you have? How many customers do you have?

    EDIT: Reading your last post it seems you are suffering from the Not-Invented-Here syndrome and I guess hardly you are running a real business.

    Good luck with your "personal problem".

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    You will only find out how good a provider is when the going gets tough

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    First il describe 1 server.

    Housed on it are:

    HOSTING CONTROLLER ( hosting software)

    Into this i have installed 8 Primary scripts using MySQL databases. Thesse scripts require users to upload images.

    The main script is DOLPHIN COMMUNITY. (the other 7 are secondary). (DOLPHIN includes VideoChat, and Profile Vid recording etc). (I have setup another server for DOLPHIN as i want it to be my main attractant if you will).

    Behind These 8 Scripts runs approx 50 Primary backend HTML sites requiring no database. And behind these 50 approx 150 secondary backend HTML info sites.

    So punters can enter from either the ffront end DOLPHIN, or the backdoor approx 300 html sites.

    So to recap:

    1x DOLPHIN COMMUNITY server.
    1x HOSTING CONTROLLER server. (8 scripts requiring mysql)
    300x Secondary html sites.


    Using hosting controller to actually host other peoples sites is a secondary issue and is connected with my main (call it an idea).

    Alll are working as setup when contracted to bt.

    When they were up without much marketing i atained 12,000 visitors in a month.

    I neglected to check out bandwidth use.
    I have no customers as im trying to get this thing off the gground.

    The problem is having a connection that warrants me to actually market the sites which was never done. So i have no numbers to work from.

    I cancelled my bt contract (we all know what thats like?). When i was told that the connection wouldnt be able to handle the load. I dont know but the theory seemed sound.

    Im looking for a connection that will give me a start to get the ideas upand running.

    THEN AND ONLY THEN would a better connection type be worth the expence as ive seen some of the prices and the others are so far out of reach that i have to contact the supplier for the price.

    From what i do know and at present that is little, i would require a build up system, for eg.

    A SDSL, then maybe multiple sdsl's until i can afford something that will do the job.

    So for this illustration forget about me hosting and say this is just a community site. with a few extras.

    Thanks again and please excuse my present ignorance.

    (Once upon a time i was a bad drummer then got better, worked with over 200 stars of tv, but worked when i was a bad drummer?)

    Thanks again.

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    Ok so I have read this about 4 times and I think I understand.

    I will only make comments on the areas I think you will understand.

    1) YOU cannot afford the type of connection you NEED, but as an example as you probably don't want to believe me, an 8mbit/8mbit 1:1 contention will cost you around 400 p/month from someone like

    2) You cannot sell hosted services based on an ADSL or SDSL line they are high contention and comparably high latency it is just not right and its not fair to customers and its totally unprofessional.

    3) 12,000 visitors p/month is absolutely nothing, I have almost 30,000 p/month on a hobby blog I run, and that blog sits on a 128mb RAM VPS server which costs about 2 p/month (although I host it on our servers so nothing really)

    4) For the cost of a single SDSL line to your house you could rent 2 dedicated servers on 1000 mbit connections with 12GB of ram each and quad core processors.

    Playing the drums is not compatible to the undertaking you are about to completely mess up, you cant get taken to court or sued for playing the drums bad. (I also used to be a drummer)

    My suggestion, sell all your servers and buy books and go to a night class, you have allot to learn.

    I suspect Nothing I have said will change your mind, have a think about what you are going to do when one of your motherboards dies or a hard disk fails have you got backups or spare hardware, are you happy for your customers to be offline for months?

    If I have the wrong end of the stick and these are sites you create and make money from without selling any type of hosting to the general public then again... sell your servers get a decent reseller account, even if your vistor numbers were 10x higher a good reseller package with e.g. would eat those numbers for breakfast.

    Hope you don't think I am being negative but on the surface it sounds like you have allot to learn, and will probably be kicking yourself when you realise.

    I admire the approach but the execution is wrong.
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    Thanks, looks like another dead end, i have said a few times my knowledge is limited. actuallty limited is an overstatement.

    So yes it looks like im going to have to scrap the whole lot. And im going to do something that ive never ever done before. GIVE IN. Its heartbreaking to say the least as the scripting probably cost more than the servers. And they will obviously be scrapped as well.

    I did what i did to remove ANY and ALL reliance on others. As a drummeer i worked VERY hard for less than nil. Having worked with all those people its nothing less than capitalistic evil.

    I cannot support these people who lie to get you to knock on their door yet state theyre there to help. eg eharmony, match etc. ITS Free. Yes it is free to look at pics of girls showing their stuff. But not free to do anything else, you know what im saying. (funny how theyve recently changed their ad to: ITS FREE TO LOOK AROUND?)

    I cannot beat these people they have all the cash and the gullible/desperate people to manipulate. (ive been one of em)

    Neither will i join them. I believe in honesty, one thing the capitalists promote well but abide by not.

    Thanks for your help. My computer career has ended before it began but never mind. Guess thyere right. I have absolutely no value to others at all. But ive strayed from the line somewhat.

    So thanks.

    Il remain a member here as one day if i do get up and running i may require help someday. My idea after all was up and running was to include others too but thats bye the bye. Thanks again and allthough the answers i did receive wherent what i wanted to hear at least im close to some truth. cheers.

    I wont bother you anymore so have a good one. Cheers and bye.
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    If your going to give up after a few forum posts then it was likley never going to work anyway.

    What I think you can and should do is set up a demo of what you plan to serve, web hosting companies are not evil in fact allot of us set up shop because of the terrible money grabbing attitudes of other companies.

    Set up a demo ask for partners or sponsors, let us take care of the technical aspect of hosting it.

    It sounds like you have put allot of time in to this and frankly you have me interested to see what it is, it would likely take very little resource to simply put a demo on line from home and perhaps your home adsl line can handle that with out any trouble if its only handling 1 or 2 connections at a time.

    Drop me a PM if you want to discuss, or send in a mail via our site for the attention of Anthony.

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    I'll donate $5 to this guys vps fund

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    go away i wont use other peoples services anymore, theyve proven themselves to be only intereted in profit. Oh and a customer if theres potential profit in him.

    Connections are expencive for one reason only. To Remove People like me who can do the job but cant afford to start it. They show themselves to care more about the customer than they who dont have the connection they have. But in reality the oposit is true, i always reverse an experts opinion because all the expert wants is your money nothing more.

    They write all the books of how to do this that and the other and promote to the little people (your words not mine) GIVE, so that they can receive.

    There is no wool over my eyes, i see you as you trully are.??????

    Obviously someone who delights in the failure of others. Thats how he lives. He lives off of others. Hes the true and only parasite of the world.

    Lastly keep your $5 for yourself, i care about people succeeding beyond expectation, beyond the traps that have been maticulously laid for him by those who want him to choose an alternative that directs that persons money to those who already have to much. Not money.

    They advertise/teach this as a jelous god concept but its nothing of the sought. Its evil jelous/parasitical men who spout knowledge as a way around the traps previously mentioned.

    Go make luv to your wife, drink some wine. Tomorrow We'll Have Our War.

    Heck what am i doing you probably dont understand what ive said. Goodbye superinteligent higher beings. PSMSL. AT YOU.


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