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  1. #1 slow upload to german customers + bad support response time?

    Hi everyone,

    I previously asked for a 1 Gigabit unmetered server in this forum and I got advise to got with

    I then rented a Q-X2000 dedicated server and 2 VPS of the type S-500.

    The first issue is about the Q-X2000:
    During rush hour between 4 pm and 11 pm GMT+01 many (all?) German customers receive speeds between 100 and 800 KByte/s per stream depending on the ISP they are using. Server load is around 0.6. Uploads and Downloads are running at 40 - 50 MByte/s in each direction. Downloads from OVH servers still get around 6 - 8 MByte/s during this time. I guess EvoSwitch - the DC where is co-locating - has congested peerings to Germany or Rapidspeeds does or the traffic RS is buying from leaseweb has a bad SLA.
    Does anyone know more about full peering / transit links that go to Germany?

    The second issue is about one of their S-500 Semi-Dedicated servers. I assume apache comsumed too much memory and - as there is no option to partition the servers hdd for swap space (= NO swap space) - the machine did not respond. A simple reboot and getting back into apaches MaxClient / MaxServer etc config to test with other values got the server back a few times. Since the last break down the server isn't responding to ping and you can't get ssh connected (time out before username can be inputted).
    This happend FIVE days ago.
    The first support ticket (15.5.) got a blank ticket id and did not show up on the support ticket. Live support (16.5.) told me to handle sales questions only but told me to have someone from technical support have a look into it asap. On the 18. of May I created the first ticket that still shows up as open and on their irc channel I got told that I'm not the first one reporting those issues with the S-500.

    Does anyone else have similar problems? Do I have a right that they refund the days I couldn't use this server? (There is an up time guarantee of 99.9%).



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    I guess EvoSwitch - the DC where is co-locating - has congested peerings to Germany
    Well, if you talk about Deutsche Telekom (DTAG) this is normal, their Network is oversold and they dont peer for free but only do paid peering(except IPv6 and some very big providers).
    They try to become a Tier 1 since 10+ years but clearly fail and only hurt their customers.

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