VPS Resellers

As HostChaos LTD continues to expand we have decided to release yet another new product! VPS resellers from as little as 6.50 per month! With our VPS resellers you purchase the resources, and we give you total control! So you can create your own packages and VPS containers with specifications of your choice and sell them at the price you choose all from a very easy to use SolusVM Reseller panel. It is also very easy to manage your customer's containers from this panel.

As usual each time HostChaos LTD releases a new product we like to go all out and celebrate with a special promotion and this time is no exception. If you purchase our VPS reseller medium package or larger we will provide you with a web master reseller for free for the life of your VPS reseller.

Here's how it works:

VPS reseller "medium" package comes with our "100MR" web master reseller package.
VPS reseller "large" packages with our "200MR" web master reseller package.
VPS reseller "extra large" comes with our "300MR" web master reseller package.

Further information on these packages can be found at https://www.hostchaos.com/vps_reseller.php and https://www.hostchaos.com/masterreseller.php

Please note: The free domain offer with the master resellers does not apply to this promotion unless you purchase annually.

So sounds great? Create your own VPS packages to resell, create your own web hosting and web reseller packages to sell all for a very low price and without the need to worry about maintaining a full dedicated server, what more could you want? Well how does 75% off your first month sound? Simply order your package and during the checkout use the coupon code "75OFFVPS" you only need to order the VPS reseller package then submit a ticket to claim the web master reseller free!

Need assistance or have any questions contact our staff today! https://www.hostchaos.com/support/chat.php