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    Apache + Varnish Help

    Hello everyone. I am noob at this and getting a little frustrated with all of this. I have searched all over google and have not a slightest idea why it does this. I found information for nginx, but I am not using that.

    I have Apache + Varnish setup on Ubuntu.

    The problem I am having is that varnish likes to redirect to the Apache port. I have Varnish on port 80 and Apache on port 8080. How do I get it not to go to port 8080 all the time. Some of my urls are perfect or but on some pages it would do something like and It only does it on certain pages, but not all. How would I fix this or work around this. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for reading!

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    Are you sure that Varnish is causing this?

    Maybe these redirects are caused by web applications that rewrite the URLs according to Apache's configuration. This would explain why you only see it happening for some of your URLs.
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