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    About Paypal Payment Pro

    Hi guys,

    I currently opened a new site and used the standard paypal for payment.. Would you guys open up a Paypal Payment Pro, which I think will have a Paypal Express Checkout at the front of shopping cart and a credit card processing at your own site (if I am correct) Do you think it will boost or help a lot on the sales. I don't know if I should have a programmer help me integrate this because it will cost a lot too. Thanks in Advance.


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    I've used it, my sales did not increase.
    Their rates are rather high for the quality of service. Since moving off Pro to a real merchant account, I'm paying only $10 extra per month, but the % to visa and charge per order is considerably less - thereby making the traditional merchant account cheaper than Paypal pro.

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    Another issue to consider on switching to pro and having all checkout programmed on your site instead of kicking over to PayPal's site, PCI compliance.

    I have seen a few places that even though in fine print they agree to the rules, they have no idea to the requirements.


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    I am not sure that paypal Pro will increase the sales. I am also not able to understand why the sales will increase ot decrease because of Pro. There is nothing that will affect the sales volume.

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    Frankly, can't understand why anyone would consider paying $30 monthly for Paypal Pro, when for same amount or less (depending on product or service type, location, etc) a 'real' merchant account can be set up.

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    Can someone suggest few good alternative to PayPal pro? What do you think about I have found this n Google via typing "merchant account"
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    I recommend 2checkout &

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    I use Paypal account for last two years and have found this account accurate and have not security problems .I always prefer to use this account .

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    2checkout and paysystems were scams.
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    paypal or google checkout is the best - my opinion

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    I've used PayPal Pro in the past and it really only helped in one type of customer. It was the one who thought they had to have a PayPal account in order to purchase, and when we went to Pro with the Digishop cart it was just a plain ordering process so it did help with people like that.
    The fees and documentation to go Pro are about the same as a merchant account. It really depends on what you're selling. Regular PayPal has the seller protection policy so if you ship with tracking to a verified address, even if they do a dispute or chargeback you'll be reimbursed. Years back a friend and I were selling high end software and we used this feature a few times, saving us a lot of money.

    If I remember right, Pro is only required when you go above $30.000 a month. You can still use PayPal buttons so they have the option of using money in their account if they have one. Again, it all boils down to what you're selling, the ticket price and method of shipment.

    The downside is getting an SSL certificate, installing the cart (tech support will typically cost about the same again as the price of the cart) and programming for the API. To make it easier, make sure any cart you buy supports PayPal Pro out of the box.
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    We are using PayPal business - and it's great, lot's of income goes trough Paypal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnwho View Post
    Can someone suggest few good alternative to PayPal pro? What do you think about I have found this n Google via typing "merchant account" told us that we had to change our web site to reflect only annual or biannual billing on our packages. Yes their rates are low but they do limit you.
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    The only diffrence is that you can refund money automatic

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